Dedication to
Safer Elevation

Dedication to Safer Elevation

Dedication to Safer Elevation

Our comprehensive range of lifts provides safe and efficient working at height, from 2 metres to 66 metres.

We have the perfect solution for any application, from interior building maintenance through to the toughest construction job site.

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Founded by George Landsberg, Hi-Reach has a proud 20 year heritage of finding practical solutions to safely working at height.

Our success is built on staying true to our core values, which influence everything we do. Above all, we believe in maintaining 100% focus on our customers.

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Hi-Reach

Not only do our scissor and boom lifts raise fellow human beings high into the air, they must also safely bring them back down. And they need to do both safely and smoothly, again and again. So, our machines are engineered beyond the industry norm, to an uncommon level of safety and durability. But they’re also engineered to be simple — simple to operate and simple to maintain. Which is somewhat uncommon.

  • World class designed machines
  • Broad range of products with the Snorkel brand as our core of offerings
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Overarching safety consideration